Cheap apartments in Barcelona: the chance you cannot miss

Cheap apartments in Barcelona: the chance you cannot miss

Have you ever dreamed about visiting the capital of Catalonia? This can be considered the second important city in Spain and the biggest metropolitan area on the Mediterranean Sea. If your answer is affirmative, this is the opportunity since cheap apartments in Barcelona are available to create an unforgettable experience.

It is a cosmopolitan city and a very attractive location for tourists where you can find splendid buildings and artworks. Antoni Gaudí, the famous architect, decorated it with the impressing Sagrada Familia church and other constructions. There are archaeological sites, theme parks, museums and more to fascinate people of the most exigent taste.

Now you can discover these wonders by booking and renting affordable apartments in the historic zone of Barcelona on a daily, weekly or monthly base, according to your necessity. All of them are totally equipped with the whole needed facilities in order to make you feel as at home: television, air conditioning, wireless Internet access, kitchen appliances and so on. Just bring your energy to explore the city.

There is an economical and comfortable option for you:

  • Basic: one or two rooms for an only person or a couple by themselves or with a baby.
  • Medium size: with 2 up to 6 people capacity.
  • For big groups: these are the largest, capable to accommodate from 4 to 6 people. The terrace allows having a barbecue while enjoying the scenery from the heights.
  • Chic and small: for one or two persons and the possibility to put an extra bed. Take it if the decoration is vital for you.

The apartments, well connected by public transportation to the most touristic venues in town, are situated in the downtown and are suitable for short term commercial or professional trips or vacations. The really interesting districts like the Barri Gothic and Eixample will welcome and delight you during your time there.

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