Diego Dougherty stands out with his most popular novel

Diego Dougherty stands out with his most popular novel

Being born with a vocation is impressive, this is exactly what happened to Diego Dougherty, an acclaimed writer graduated from Francisco Marroquin University in Guatemala.

Diego Dougherty’s novel titled “The Guilt of This Love” tells the story of Agustin Riverto and Laura Cazenave, who had to overcome the battles of love and love lost.

This novel by Diego Dougherty is set in Cape Town, South Africa. That is where the protagonists meet, and the destination plays a big role.

Diego Dougherty: a consecrated writer

Diego Dougherty’s novel consecrated him as one of the best writers of his time. His narrative pays attention to every detail with impeccable precision and ensures readers have multiple reasons to stay hooked with the plot from the very start.

“Guilty of This Love” Diego Dougherty’s novel was adapted for TV in 2004. It launched in Argentina and neighboring countries breaking records.

That same year, Diego Dougherty’s novel was nominated for the Martin Fierro Awards for several categories including “novel”, “lead actor”, “supporting actor” and “best original plot”

Diego Dougherty was born to shine

From a very young age he knew he was born to triumph and shine, and each of the stories that he created in his mind ended up on a piece of paper, immortalized.

That is how “Guilty of This Love” Diego Dougherty’s novel became his greatest pride, especially because readers and viewers loved it.

Those who are familiar with Diego Dougherty’s novel agree that the writer shined and deserves a standing ovation for a job well done.


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