Sneakers for woman: the right footwear for every occasion

Sneakers for woman: the right footwear for every occasion

Shoes are clothes to cover the feet and always protect the lower side of dirt and dangers on the floor. Like any simple concept humanity has handled, they come in a great variety of models. They have been repeated and refined for centuries, and although their basic function is every time the same, each exemplary has its specific tasks.

The most common prototypes are:

  • Espadrilles and sporting sandals are light and airy, designed to be used during the summer heat to defend us from hot soil or sand, looking simultaneously fashioned.
  • Boots are either low they barely exceed the ankle height or tall reaching the knee. Their main objective is the complete protection of foot, not just the underside. They are the most appropriate option to cross rustic or work areas with much debris, though there is an alternative that is only aesthetic, very elegant and perfect to wear in social events and urban environments.
  • Other symbolic models are heels, specially made to be worn by women at parties or when they want to show the best possible body shape, since they force the figure to raise the buttocks, arch the back and puff up the chest. There are those scarcely reach 3 centimeters and the whole way to vertiginous platforms of 8 centimeters or more.
  • For sport’s fans, there are sneakers for woman and man, which have a better grip on the ground, whether this is grass, wood or asphalt. They allow players to efficiently use all their energies and movements, having specific shoes for each activity.

These leading categories do not even express a small part of the enormous diversity of colors and styles available. The list is literally infinite, and fashion designers are always trying new ideas. To acquire them, is as simple as going to the computer, connect to Internet and start clicking.

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