Train travel to Cannes: to enjoy a perfect vacation

Train travel to Cannes: to enjoy a perfect vacation

Do you like making trips and knowing new places? Do you belong to the group that considers traveling is culture? Are you in love with the worldwide cinema? If your answers are affirmative then you should go to the most celebrated city on the French Riviera always associated with rich and famous people.

You can make a train travel to Cannes coming from the main metropolis of France, Paris, Nice, Marseille, Lyon and Toulouse. Transnational origins include cities as important as Brussels (Belgium), Milan, Venice and Rome (Italy) and Basel (Switzerland).

What is notable there?

If you would like to live the excited and sophisticated atmosphere created by The Cannes Film Festival, an intercontinentally renowned event founded by the middle of the last century, think of going in May. However, most of the year you can find other artistic and sport occasions that will delight you as well. Midem, MIPIM, the Riviera Carnival, the International Festival of Games and The Global Champions Tour are only few of them.

As you should have already imagined, tourism is the major economic source but this is a cosmopolitan city with a great interest in business too, with more than 6500 companies. Additionally, the technological degree is advanced offering you the chance to see the Cannes Mandelieu Space Center and the headquarters of the principal European satellite builder.

Walking around town with a mild Mediterranean climate you cannot miss the Promenade de la Croisette, a spectacular palm tree avenue that borders the coast. This is known for its picturesque and delicious beaches, exquisite boutiques, restaurants and cafés.

A museum for each taste, the distinguished Russian Orthodox Church, the greatest and sumptuous villas (even they are not open to visitors), the St marguerite Island where the Man in the Iron Mask was imprisoned and additional fantastic locations are waiting for you in Cannes.

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